My entire family and I recently relocated to Colorado. Things in our lives have been very hectic as one might imagine moving a family of eight halfway across the country. I haven't felt led or inspired to write lately however I wanted to post an update as to a memorial monument that was set at my Caleb Andrew Dubas' grave site. The initial process was documented here. My work relocation was sudden and I was quite worried that Caleb's stone would not be set before we left for Colorado. Though God knew the details, I was pleased when I got the call that Caleb's stone would be set two days before we left. It was certainly a relief and bitter sweet. I initially had a secret plan to buy roses the night before we left and set them on our way out as we left for Colorado as a last show of respect as I can't predict when we will be back to Pennsylvania to visit. I was out of town when the memorial was set and returned Friday June 26, 2015. The forecast for Saturday was rain (moving truck loaded) and Sunday we were set to leave early for Colorado. Friday evening when I arrived home I felt an urgency to visit Caleb's grave and see the memorial for myself. I asked who wanted to go with me and everyone wanted to go. My wife grabbed a box of tissues and we left. I think I was a little more excited this time as opposed to my first visit. Everything went well and we were very happy with the result. So without more details I will leave you with some pictures.